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“Since 1947, the champagne production of the Cuis wine-growing cooperative has been changing with nature, seasons… and life.”

Faithful to the traditional champagne-making, from the wine-growing to the vinification, we continue the work of all the people who came before us and left in our hands a land and a vineyard carefully selected throughout the generations.

The De Blémond Champagne House has been growing vines in the villages of Cramant and Cuis for more than sixty years to offer you a fine and elegant wine at every tasting.

This search for perfection only expresses the dynamic and determined spirit of our mission as a wine-growing cooperative.

The Cuis wine-growing cooperative has grown throughout the years thanks to an ever-increasing production, a constant adaptation to the newest vinification techniques and the improvement of the cellar equipment.


For more information or for a champagne order, browse our website. If you are near the village of Cuis, come visit us.

In the village of Cuis, in the north of the Côte des Blancs (white grape varieties area), a land famous for the production of light and delicate flavors…
... the De Blémond Champagne House welcomes you for a cellar tour or a tasting.
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25 route d'Epernay - 51530 Cuis