The Land

The Côte des Blancs

Le terroir

Only four villages are located in the actual Côte des Blancs (Avize, Cramant, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger and Oger), but all the villages between Cuis and Bergères-les-Vertus own a vineyard there.

It is the area of the “Champagnes Blanc de Blancs”, i.e. the champagnes only made from the Chardonnay variety, a white grape variety that covers here 95% of the vineyard. Hence the name “Côte des Blancs”.

The Champagne varieties


Delicate flavors. Floral and mineral hints.


Flexible and fruity wines.


Soft fruits flavors. Clear structure.


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In the village of Cuis, in the north of the Côte des Blancs (white grape varieties area), a land famous for the production of light and delicate flavors…
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